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Little Letters To Astronomical Assholes: SuperCunt Stylist

Dearest SuperCunt Stylist; You don't know me. Not personally at least. We shared 15 minutes of mostly awkward time together and exchanged a few forced words that served to slay the dragon-sized silence that filled the space between us. But don't you worry because I'm confident that by the end of this letter you will… Continue reading Little Letters To Astronomical Assholes: SuperCunt Stylist

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Twenty-Sixteen Twenty-Smitzsheen

I'm going to try my hardest NOT to make this a cliché "Looking back at 2015...." or "My hopes for 2016 are..." kinda post. Just no. First of all, 2016 is like in 9 hours and I'm pretty sure my life will not be drastically altered or "improved" in any fucking way by then. The… Continue reading Twenty-Sixteen Twenty-Smitzsheen

Soul-Searching Rants, Witty Rants

Vortex of Funk

I actually left work early today. Halle-fucken-luyah! Maybe...I told myself...just MAYBE my kids won't eat Burger King, Mac-n-Cheese, or cold hotdogs and chocolate chip cookies for dinner! A few minutes before I gathered my life back into my oversized bag, I sat at my desk listening to Rihanna complaining about collecting money from some bitch… Continue reading Vortex of Funk