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Preach On, Preachy Preachin’ Preacher!

Ok first of all? I know a lot about life. When people open their souls to me and tell me their struggles (may the Lort (that wasn't a typo) be with them) I'm always thinking to myself meh. Been there done that bought the t-shirt, the mug, the keychain, and the bumper sticker. What else… Continue reading Preach On, Preachy Preachin’ Preacher!

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In Which I Rant SO Incessantly That I’m Not EVEN SURE How to Title, Categorize, or Tag The Rant.

You know that one time when I was all like  "Fuck you Universe and your lemons because I'm a boss and if I want apples then you best buh-lieve I'm getting some juicy apples bitch"? Who even ARE you Elizabeth?!  Well let me tell you what's been happening. You see, I've been desperately trying to… Continue reading In Which I Rant SO Incessantly That I’m Not EVEN SURE How to Title, Categorize, or Tag The Rant.

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Playing With Fire

It's 2017. While some moms or dads have the opportunity to stay home and raise the kids while their partner runs around the corporate world like the Headless Horseman on crack- it's more common that both parents are out there hustling day and night trying to make ends meet for eachother and their beloved spoiled-as-FUCK… Continue reading Playing With Fire

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Broke-Rich Bitches Be Like…

..."Cell phone disconnected as fuckkkk but I'm goin' to Mexico on a cruise bitchhhhh!!" (True story). So you're already questioning the validity of my opinion on what defines a "broke bitch"- I get it. It's more like irresponsible-as-fuck-bitch-who-will-never-have-her-priorities-in-life-straight-bitch. But in my defense, for all you know I am guilty of religiousless  (I'm pretty sure that's… Continue reading Broke-Rich Bitches Be Like…

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Go Fund Me. (Please?!)

I must be fucking oldschool. Because I just recently discovered that Go Fund Me websites are not just for the mourning families of loved ones or for those who are suffering from cancer or other highly expensive and tragic medical conditions. People. Normal ass people are on these websites silently, and invisibly asking for money… Continue reading Go Fund Me. (Please?!)