Deep Rants, Soul-Searching Rants

Free Fallin’

It’s not even worth having a discussion about anymore. We all know 2020 has been one of those fucking nightmares- you know the one- the one where you’re suddenly falling from some immeasurable height (Though you’re never really sure how you fell… like did you trip over a rock at the edge of a cliff… Continue reading Free Fallin’

Witty Rants

Choosing Tomorrow

So what? Yea, I have a bit of a reputation when it comes down to the shameless oversharing of deep, sensitivity-stabbing, personal vomit. What can I say…I’m a messy woman, in every sense of the expression. Like I own this 3.5 foot tall purple laundry basket that sprouted from the deepest, darkest, angriest corners of… Continue reading Choosing Tomorrow