Poetry/Freestyle Rap (your choice..)


I have words to say.

But I don’t know where they’ve gone.

or why they refuse to come out and play.

Perhaps they’ve managed to flee my mind-

Crossed the borders of my brain and

sought asylum on a warm, sane island.

Or Perhaps they’re just in hiding.

Or Perhaps they have united in protest of my writing.

That wouldn’t be surprising.

You know, Most days it feels like I just don’t belong-

Like something’s always wrong-

Like my life is a poorly executed, half-written song-

Like a half-inspired poem

Posted on this blog.

Many moons and many suns

Have come and gone-

And here I lay-


Mind astray.

I have words to say-

A graveyard of bones buried inside-

Nights layered upon days layered upon nights-

Like bundles of scarves on an icy winter morning-


Knitted boulders upon my shoulders-

And still I’m frozen.

The Silence unbroken.



Most days I feel like I don’t belong

Like life is nothing but a half-written song.

Like all the words are long gone.

Like the stillness has won.

I had words to say.

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