Poetry/Freestyle Rap (your choice..)


I have words to say. But I don't know where they've gone. or why they refuse to come out and play. Perhaps they've managed to flee my mind- Crossed the borders of my brain and sought asylum on a warm, sane island. Or Perhaps they're just in hiding. Or Perhaps they have united in protest… Continue reading Words

Witty Rants

Left Boob Bitchings: The Sequel

Let's not even beat around the bush here. I've got a rant. And I'm all giddy and flusterfucked about it....yet at the same time, not really. An odd concoction of emotions, right?! But also? There needs to be some tangy, fruity alcoholic drink named The Giddy Flusterfuck or just, The Ely. That'll get you drunk… Continue reading Left Boob Bitchings: The Sequel