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The Evolution of “More”

There are, roughly one trillion and sixty three point eight thoughts rough drafts titled "How To Rule The Universe" just ricocheting around my brain this evening like a maniacal frenzy of 1,000,000,000,063.8 invisible rubber bullets. "Typical extra." You say with a subtle, but still noticeable roll of eyes. "Granted." I respond, wearing a half-smirk… Continue reading The Evolution of “More”

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The CEO of Keepin it Real

It's almost official- I'm still working on it- but I've started my side-hustle web and blog. I've done a lot of mental back and forth with this site- not knowing what approach to take- and then it hit me. There's no approach. Just be your fucking self, and do the damn things. Here's my first… Continue reading The CEO of Keepin it Real

Witty Rants

Falling Outta Fall: A Pumpkin Rant

Brace yourselves. It's (apparently) pumpkin-flavored/scented/spiced everything season. I can't possibly paint a vivid-enough picture of just how far back into my damn skull my eyes are rolling right now. I'm staring at my cerebellum. It's not that cute guys. Seriously. It's a hot mess back here- like my brain needs a makeover. I abhor detestdespiseloathe… Continue reading Falling Outta Fall: A Pumpkin Rant