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Give a Little Fox

When I was “younger” I had a mostly cliché vision of what my life was supposed to look like by the time I hit my 30’s and I’m sure most if not all of you can relate to this vision in some shape or form:

  • Own the “perfect” home (insert your definition of “perfect” here ________)
  • Have gifted children and a parenting ethic that other moms envy (I mean. They’re alive and they haven’t failed a school-year. Yet. And they haven’t landed themselves in Juvenile Hall. Yet. So…BOOOM!)
  • Have multiple degrees and a high-paying job in a science lab or a hospital somewhere (At the very least, I belong in a science lab or checked into a mental hospital somewhere…so that has to count for something.)
  • Or own a legit business (Insert your definition of “legit” here _________.)
  • Start traveling the world Leave Florida
  • Look like a bikini model Don’t look like a hippo on who ate her baby hippos.
  • Eat clean and organic and the kids too..wait. Not that I would eat my kids. Unless I failed myself in the bullet-point above? I meant that the kids would also be eating clean and organic. It’s before 8 am and I haven’t had my caffeine fix. Keep it moving, ya Nazis.
  • Be fucking mentally stable (talk about reaching for the stars. Also? Insert your definition of “mentally stable” here ______.)
  • Have a meaningful and consistent social life (oh, now my vision was just showing off.)
  • Have a super organized and clean home (Oh look! This must’ve happened during that one time my inner-goal-getter experimented with crack)
  • Have no lost or unpaired socks sitting in huge mountain-baskets of lost-and-unpaired socks (What?! You’re right. I took it too far here…)

Yea. All that shit. And yea. NONE of that shit. On a scale of 1 to what-a-fuckin-fail, I’d say I’m up there with the over-thinkers, the underachievers, and the Elvis Presley impersonators.

I have no idea what just happened. This post is a free-fall. I don’t know where we will land or what the bottom looks like kids. So let’s just embrace the part where we haven’t actually body-slammed the ground yet. Keep fallin’.

I live a pleasingly mediocre life. My kids are gifted at lying about homework, fucking shit up around the house, snitching on each other, and “accidentally” swearing. The Mr. And I purchased our home 2 years ago and still haven’t painted the other side of the house towards the back (who has time for the shit no one can see anyways?!) and we have yet to replace all of the outlet covers we removed 2 years ago to paint the walls inside. You know? Livin’ the dream, bro. Livin’ the dream.

Oh and the whole lost and unpaired sock vision? Can we just talk about that? Thanks. Because people need to have these kinds of conversations. This is an actual thing that actually destroys any sense of tranquility and adult-normalcy in my life.

To paint a vivid picture for you, let’s just say I still have socks that once fit my 8 year old’s newborn feet, sitting deep down in an oversized, overflowing basket. What the sox?! The thing is- I can’t seem to build up the courage to just throw them all out, but I also refuse to sit there struggling to match unpaired emoji, rainbow striped, princess, and sports themed socks for hours upon hours.

“Go kick rocks!” Said the Fox to the socks.

Point is, sometimes life rarely unfolds itself in the way that we hope or envision that it should and that’s ok. :::twitch::: Honestly. It’s ok. :::half twitch::: And I’m here to say that life is to fucking short to GIVE A FOX ABOUT THE UNPAIRED SOCKS! Or the half-painted house! Or the missing outlet covers! WHO CARES if we haven’t got it all together yet?! WHO GIVES A FOX if we overdraft our bank account during a sporadic Target trip. It was worth it, damn it. Spend the money- because you can’t take it with you when you die.

But then- there are also things we don’t give enough fox about…and we need to find that happy medium middle ground gray-ish area.

This week the Mr. almost lost his life over an infected abscess beneath a bad molar. A fucking molar. I convinced him to come to the emergency room Wednesday because he clearly needed antibiotics, but things took a wrong turn when they discovered that the infection was already traveling through his blood, and he was a few days short of sepsis. I’m not going to get medically technical here, but you can say that it’s an extremely dangerous situation. The infection also managed to reach his heart and cause a blockage that thankfully wasn’t severe enough to require any kind of treatment for the time being, but still. Are you fucking kidding me right now?

To make matters worse, the infection was sitting in his jaw, eroding it. ERODING one of the strongest bones in the body. Oh and he has type 1 diabetes since he was 10- which only complicates everyfuckingthing- the cherry on top.

5 days, a surgery, serious antibiotics, and a PICC line placed directly to his heart for long term antibiotic treatment later- here we are, trying not to stress the little things, like unpaired socks, you know? Again, he could have easily lost his life over a molar. Let’s take a second to process the level of bullshittery we are dealing with here.

It’s taken me like a week to even finish this post, and I’m pretty sure my initial goal was to compile some clever list of the petty things we need to stop giving a “fox” about-can’t you tell how my voice and attitude levels settle down half way through this post? But the things is, there are also petty things we maybe should give a fox about.

Like our health and taking care of a bad molar even if it means having to miss a day or two of work, for example. Like remembering to check up on the ones we care about every now and then, regardless of how busy life gets. Like remembering to stop, and breathe and appreciate the simplicity of being. Of being here. Of being alive. Like actually having a place to call home. Like having healthy kids- regardless of their behavior or their performance in a classroom. We should give a fox about the little things that matter and make a difference in our lives and not about the little things we can’t really fix or change or control.

This rant is getting too vaguely deep and philosophically broad, so I won’t dig any deeper. Just take care of yourselves first- and then worry about the other things. What’s the point of killing ourselves, to kill ourselves… when we’re all already born to die anyways? Make your time on this planet count. Cherish every single day and forget about the likes and the comments and the numbers and the unpaired socks. Seriously. Fuck the unpaired socks. Heal the world. Make it a better place.

Ok bye. Fox: out.

22 thoughts on “Give a Little Fox”

  1. Wowser!!!! Glad Mr is on the mend, what a freaking scare!!!!!! !
    Yeah that’s my life motto ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ some people think I’m just lazy (Ok, I am) but there’s far more enjoyable things to do than pair socks or paint the other half of the house, time is precious!!

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  2. You get married, I get married. You stress over lost socks, I stress over my dog chewing on everything she’s not supposed to be chewing on (or could potentially chew on). Your hubs has a scary medical emergency that could have resulted in a loss of life, I get a scratched cornea, think about ignoring it, was told by many to get it looked at, was put on a myriad of drops and informed that I could have lost vision in my eye if I didn’t get seen by a doctor.

    Our lives seem vaguely similar…. glad Mr. Fox is doing better. Hang in there girl!

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    1. WOW. Sorry to hear about your eye but glad you got it taken care of in time! I agree- we have vaguely similar lives lol! Sigh. Let’s take it one day at a time. Thank you so much for the well wishes!!

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  3. I just had a cleaning at the dentist last week. This was the third consecutive cleaning where I was informed that I have three small cavities that do, in fact, need fillings. I’ve been putting it off because fillings are expensive and my dental insurance currently exists in name only. After reading this, I’m thinking I should probably get those taken care of sooner rather than later…

    I’m sorry to hear about all this piling on Mr. Fox (and you) all at once. I sincerely hope things improve and that y’all are on the upswing soon!

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  4. Your post is a reminder that all the lost socks, non-perfect clean home and so on are meaningless in times like this.

    It’s easy to get caught up on the little things and forget the big picture. I’m guilty as much as anyone. Every now and than we get a slap in the face to what really matters.

    It sounds like like your man is going to be okay and that’s all that matters.

    Keep us informed on his recovery and never apologize for anything you write. You have a great mind and you are putting it to use.

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  5. Woah. Sorry to hear about this. I hope Mr. Fox is recovering well and will be trotting on out of there in the near future! Life is never what we expect, or what we plan it to be. Hope everything goes back to normal for you guys soon!

    Also, there is a sox and fox joke in this post somewhere, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Perhaps I should use my FOOT.

    Okay I’m running away now, that joke was baaaad.

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  6. After your comment on my blog I had to come out to your blog to check up on y’all despite the fact that I am running late for work and should be in the shower!!
    I am so sorry to hear about the MR but SO glad y’all are okay now and out of the woods..!!
    As for unpaired sox….I remember those days, they used to do my fucking head in. I mean shit I live alone, I am one person, how the fuckity fuck do socks go missing from the bedroom to the laundry?! I used to keep the odd one, had a ummm collection of them. I left them all in the trash can in America despite the fact that I was tempted to pack them in my suitcase errm just in case their partner turned up…!!
    I am proud to say I have not lost a single sock since I got home to Australia, 8 fucking months, it must be a record!!

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    1. I am jealous!!! I hope
      My sock issues are resolved as I mature into an adult functioning in this world at some point hahahaha. Thank you for your well wishes! The universe has been good to us. Thank you for sacrificing some time to read and check up on us, I appreciate you Jad!!!

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  7. I have started to try to not get too worked up about the little things – but it’s hard! Especially when it’s been ingrained in us since we were little kids that to be happy we need to have certain things or be a certain way. I’m so sorry that Mr. Fox was so sick! I hope that his recovery is going well and that he is out of the woods and into a nice place where you can yell at him for letting it get so bad but not feel guilty because he’s still sick hehe

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    1. Lol! Thank you!!! Trust me. He has learned a hard life-lesson. I’ve been nagging about this tooth forever, I warned him. He DID try, but was shot
      Down by a few dentists who said they Just wouldn’t touch him because of his diabetes and things went down hill from there. I can’t blame him entirely- I blame incompetent people and also, the system sometimes. What matter is that it got taken care of. Better late than never I suppose. Sigh. HUGS!

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