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UPDATE!!!! re: “An Unhappy Mom With Things To Say”

If you follow my Instagram account then you would already know that my son is back at the fighting gym and is now on the “blue team”. No later than 2 days after having sent that email, (if you are completely lost that’s cool you can read it here) I received this response:

Hi Ely,

Sorry for the late reply, I had the day off on Friday since I was teaching a 14 hour course over the weekend, and just saw your email today.  I am so sorry to hear you feel this way about the program and I apologize in advance if there was any misunderstanding, confusion, or anything that lead to different expectations.  Appreciate your honesty and expressing how you feel although I think its a bit harsh to tell me we are indecent, disrespectful, unprofessional, etc, but I understand you are angry right now.  Contrary to what you think, we do care about our customers, and would hate to lose you.  I could write you pages of emails of all the things we have done’ for our students over the course of this gym being open, from driving across the state and being away from our families on our off weekends to coach students at tournaments, to spending entire nights at the hospital with injured students, to creating sholarship programs for students who can’t afford the training, to donating thousands upon thousands of toys, food and money to needy children, to helping students with counseling and school issues, to having students sleep at the gym because they were having home trouble or even taking students into our own homes, etc; but I will spare you that long email.   

I personally found this gym at a low point in my life and the instrutors here and especially the owner helped me and have changed my life for the better.  I think you have us all wrong and are misjudging us.  I would love to take the time and sit down and talk to you and your husband about this and see if we can hopefully keep your son training at our academy, fix any misunderstandings, or do our best to accomodate you and come up with a resolution that makes you happy. 

I am usually available anytime between noon and 7pm weekdays, please let me know when would be the most convenient time for you and your spouse and I would be glad to sit down with the two of you.  Looking forward to hearing from you and changing your experience from a negative to a positive and I really do want your child to be happy.  Thanks for your time in reading this email.

LOL @ thinking I was harsh. Yea. I get that a lot brother. My apologies, but I won’t be apologizing for being unapologetic.

So we did go in and meet him in person and while it felt a bit awkward- considering that I’m 100 percent certain that every single employee plus their uncles, grandmothers, sisters and long lost cousins had already read my letter as well because you can just sense these things- after about an hour and a half of debating on their protocols and customer service techniques, we were able to agree to disagree. And in the end, we were able to compromise and kind of meet half-way to that point where we weren’t coming off as hoodlum hustlers just being cheap asshole parents who think they deserve special treatment and they weren’t coming off as also hoodlum hustlers trying to screw people over for their money by their asshole shady business tactics and manipulating innocent children.

It was a decent agreement that we can work with and there were no hard feelings left to deal with. It’s all behind us now. And I admit that I do feel like he genuinely wanted to make us happy and he really wanted our son to stick to the program. I mean the fact that they cared enough to go out of their way to make things happen (probably out of fear that I’d shut shit down on a monster rampage and make their lives impossible) comforts me.

JJ is excited for his fighting journeys and is obsessed with being challenged to take down kids that are much bigger than him- I guess it’s a boy thing, I don’t know. I’m allowing this because it makes him happy but last week he accidentally knocked out a kid’s (already loose) tooth while sparring and I thought I could die…but the kid wasn’t wearing his mouth guard though so I mean come on son… get it together! My kid was proud but kind of felt bad and shook the kid’s hand after class so it turns out my son has a soul. Thank the Universe. At the end of it all- I need my kids to have souls and be decent human beings. That’s all I ask!

MMA is pretty aggressive I admit that and there’s definitely not that kind of discipline that karate drills into students, but this is what motivates him and he refuses to try karate because it’s “boring”, apparently.

Whatever the case may be, we live in a city where kids are too easily distracted and too easily influenced by the wrong crowds and the wrong hobbies. Honestly, I’d rather my kid be training to defend himself and catch a bruise here and there rather than be caught up with drugs by the time he’s 12. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve lived it.

To be continued.

6 thoughts on “UPDATE!!!! re: “An Unhappy Mom With Things To Say””

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who read that reply as condescending and passive aggressive. “You’re wrong because we do all these things.” All of which can be done in the interest of money, by the way, but who’s keeping track?

    I’m glad you managed to work something out you can live with and that allows your son to keep doing his thing. Kids never understand the politics of this stuff, so I’m sure he’s glad to be back.

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  2. That was actually a pretty good reply email they sent. They got their passive aggressiveness out of the way in the first paragraph and then tried to reel you back in. Smooth.

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