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3 Years of Tiers and Tears

First off, let me just say this. CAKE IS NOT “EASY AS CAKE”. Whoever said that- fuck her. Or him. Cake is straight up HARDCORE mafia-level serious business. Not only is it an art, but it’s a science. Every little detail matters.

Whether or not you sifted your flour, what kind of flour you use, and what technique you used to measure it out- matters. Whether certain ingredients need to be room temp or boiled and then cooled or purposefully cold-matters. The brand of butter and whether it has salt or not and how soft is too soft-matters. The order in which you add and blend; the tools you choose to mix with; the amount of time you blend or mix for; how long your oven was pre-heated for; is your oven level; is your oven distributing heat evenly; are you letting air bubbles out of your batter; are you using baking strips to avoid a domed cake; I CAN GO ON FOR FUCKING EVER! It’s not a joke! This isn’t like oh la-la-la just add water and oil and BAM! No. No….

And that’s ONLY some of the smaller details with PREPPING to bake. Let’s not even get into the leveling the filling the stacking the ENDLESS crumb coating and frosting layer upon layer in order to get a perfectly smooth canvas to work on. Let’s not talk about structural support and bases and fondant and Rice Krispies molding and chocolate ganache drips and hand painted details. Let’s not.

And you know what I ask myself every single damn time the sun comes up and I’m still standing there on my feet making my 600th ruffle or polka dot or flower or adding the 43,456th sugar pearl to a design that’s nowhere near done? I ask myself why the fuck I ever wanted to do this and why I still continue to do this???! I mean if I had a penny for every time I was in drenched in my own puddle of exhausted tears, I’d never have to bake another cake for a little extra money like ever again. But the fact is- I’ve come SO far. And it would be a shame for me to stop at this point. It would require me to fail myself…and I have way too much pride for that.

Looking back, it was never something I aspired to even consider trying to do to be honest. I had a “cake lady” who did custom fondant cakes from home right next door to me and though I myself never liked eating cake of any kind, I loved the way it was always the center of attention at every party and I was heavily addicted to seeing my kids’ little faces light up whenever they saw their super extra over the top birthday cakes. Seeing our children happy… man it’s just… that feeling is the highest of highs. But those PRICES… yea now we can talk about downers. And yea…having 3 kids well, that’s not fucking cheap and it’s not always easy coming up with 350$ for every birthday cake. But again, when you have an addiction to a certain high in life- where there’s a will there’s a way. We always made it happen. What can I say, we’re suckers for the petty things in life that made them smile. Cake? Expensive. Happy children? Priceless!

And one day, the hubby throws some oddly-paired words out into the universe, “You can totally do this. You have good hands and you’re creative. And you can make extra money AND save money on the kids birthdays..”

I told him he was fucking NUTS. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. No way I could ever do something like those gorgeous cakes! That’s insane! It’s an art! I just don’t think I have that talent…. No. Just no. Nope. No thanks.

That 2 minute debate occurred towards the end of January 2015.

And then came Easter 2015

My very first fondant cake. Including fondant bunny!

I did some basic research. I bought the things and proceeded to stay up AN ENTIRE NIGHT, binging on YouTube tutorials and Google just self-teaching myself everything from leveling cakes to applying buttercream to coloring and kneading fondant to rolling it out and covering the cake (so many holes and rips were concealed by leaves and flowers here hahaha!) to making that fucking rabbit from hell. I mean I crammed so much information I’m shocked I didn’t develop a tumor! Or maybe I have one and still don’t know. Ok. Because that would explain so much. Anyways. Whatever. But I did it. And it was a HIT on Easter. And you know what else I’m addicted to? Positive feedback. Ugh. What a high! So I just never stopped…

And here I am today- BOOKED for months at a time. Still nowhere near being able to quit my day job- and having panic attacks and tantrums at least 4 times per week but I’m here…. and it’s a love-hate relationship. I’ve made and continue to make so many sacrifices for the sake of this dream and I’ve already quit atleast 67,876 times- but then I can’t. I can’t just quit. Not after I do shit like

This is my daughter 😍< em>Ok. I’ll stop showing off now. But seriously. How do you quit after accomplishing so much skill? Am I where I want to be? Hell no. I have GOALS. But I have to sit here and remind myself of where and how I started… I did this on my own. Without paying any courses. Without taking a single lesson from anyone. Without asking any bakers for any help or advice. ME. All. DAMN. ME. <<<<
s been, and continues to be a physical and emotional challenge- but I'm so thankful for this journey and for the lessons I've learned along the way. For the first time in my life I haven't quit on myself. I've just kept on keepin on. I've really pushed and stayed persistent and consistent and the reward is in the final product every time an order gets picked up and every time I get beautiful feedback from my customers that continues to fuel my inspiration. As long as I know they're happy, suddenly my swollen feet are forgotten. Suddenly my exhaustion is ok. Suddenly my upside down work area and kitchen doesn’t bother me as much. Suddenly it just makes sense all over again. Suddenly, I can’t wait for my next project!

Despite the tears, I shall continue to create beautiful tiers. Cheers to 3 years to Oh My Sugar! and hopefully, to a bright future of successful sugary madness!

And with that said just know that I am living proof of a hot mess who made something out of nothing. If I did this- anyone can. Have a little faith in yourselves and be willing to take some risks in life. And whatever you do- keep on keepin’ on friends!

24 thoughts on “3 Years of Tiers and Tears”

  1. This is so amazing and inspiring…and humbling. My god, I can’t ‘bake’ a frozen dinner and have
    about enough patience to slice an avocado in two in an attempt to spice up my pile of greens. You most certainly have a gift and are a rockstar for starting this on your own. Keep ‘showing off’, girl, these can’t help but make people happy. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omgosh thank you SOO SO MUCh For this beautiful comment. It means so much! I def do this for the smiles and the happy moments- I think we need more of this in the world and if it means CAKE, then CAKE IT IS! Haha! Xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Freakin’ GORGEOUS cakes! How could anyone slice into one of these masterpieces? These need to be shellacked and put in a trophy case or something. Seriously – you’ve got some mad skillz!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha omg thank you SO much!! At first, it was painful… all that WORK… only to be destroyed and digested! But still SO worth the reactions and the happy moments. After all, a party without cake really IS just a meeting!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Holy freaking hell girl!!! I am in AWE of your talent!!
    I love ALL of your creations but freak!! That first one has to be the most incredible cake I have ever seen!!!
    Oh oh please don’t ever stop creating that magic!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you thank you thank you Jad! I can use all the encouragement I can get at this point, lol. I’m just SO tired! But pushing. And yes that fish theme has been by far my greatest and most challenging! Especially keeping that fish alive! Hahah hugs girl!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Is that a FISH TANK in the middle of a cake?? That is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Also that art cake for Andrew is unbelievably good. They all are. I’ve said it before, but you’re the hardest working person I know. You’re too good at this cake business to ever quit!

    Liked by 1 person

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