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Let’s Live….

Let’s live for the subtle things; the things that are not things; the things that are everything but subtle; the simple things that are interlocked with much deeper things; the things that are so much more than nothing, but so much less than everything; the things that don’t seem significant, but will in the end, make a world of a difference.

Let’s live for the rare sightings of double-rainbows; for solar eclipses combined with super moons on Monday mornings; for the silhouettes of marshmallow clouds resembling the gentle faces of our loved ones watching over us from the ethereal; for the itchy skin after having rolled playfully around a lawn of soft, freshly cut dewy grass on a Sunday afternoon; for that one cool, gentle breeze that comes suddenly, and penetrates every steaming pore to cool us off  on a hot summer’s day; for majestic black night skies drunk on billions of bundled glittering stars; for forgotten dreams suddenly remembered and never again to be lost to the middle-worlds; for deja vu; for secretly hidden memories that are stored within weathered pages of locked notebooks; for the keys dangling from our hearts that can open them and cause a shifting of the planets.

Let’s live for the moments that can never be replaced, forgotten, relived; for the sacred memories of the very first most exhilarating, heart-throbbing moments of our lives  and for the very last most tragic, heart-breaking moments that changed us for the rest of our lives; for the utterly devastating moments when mountains have collapsed upon our shoulders and for the moments when we dig ourselves up and out of the rubbles of failure and pain and pity and climb- wounded and all- climb- broken souls and allclimb back up to the peak of the very mountain that relentlessly intended to rob of us of…of our moment. 

Let’s live for the buzzing sounds of a hummingbird blessing our gardens with exquisite beauty; for the sight of a caterpillar breaking free of it’s cocoon and flourishing into the horizon as a breathtaking winged creature full of life and color; for the very first time a weightless spec of white, fluffy snow lands and melts on our faces; for the taste of the ocean’s salty waters and the magical sight of a coral reef hidden like a sunken tropical piece of heaven beneath the surface of what only seems to be an endless expansion of dark, wet, nothingness; for the smell of a freshly rising cake in the oven on a Saturday evening and the sweetness of buttercream being jokingly smushed in chunky, sweet streaks across our cheeks by an obnoxious family member on yet another blessed birthday that we’ve been chosen to still be alive for; for the kind of puppy-romance sappy-love that only happens once in a lifetime and never ever ends not even after death; for the very first time we hold our children in our arms and lock eyes to eyes and make a promise of unconditional love to them.

Let’s LIVE for our children- even the unplanned, unborn ones.

Let’s LIVE… to simply live another day; for another shot to start from scratch; for another chance to make a change; for another shot to make a better choice; for another opportunity to do things differently; for another option to come to light that we may have overlooked; for another moment to reflect; for another silent few minutes with our prayers; for another good, long look in that mirror; for another deeper, slower breathe; for another session with our thoughts; with another explanation; for another attempt to see things from a different perspective.

Let’s LIVE to unravel all of the things; to understand what life is; what this world is; what this everythingness on top of and under nothingness sums up to; why any of it matters; why so much of it never should have mattered; why so much of it still needs to start mattering; why it never made any sense and then suddenly it all makes perfect sense; why there is so little time and yet time knows no end.

Let’s LIVE to understand that there’s a life to be lived and there is only ONE chance to live it.

I know.

I know that there are those nights- those damned nights- when we’re tossing and turning and awake with our demons and our skeletons are rattling in our closets and they just will NOT shut up and they refuse to let us rest…they refuse to stop whispering poisonous regrets and wrong/doings into our ears and all we want is to silence them but we don’t know how to. THEY WON’T be silenced. And every passing night, they get louder those soul-sucking demons and skeletons. And they get louder. And their voices grow so robust that fear washes over us and pools of tears leak from inside and sometimes it’s so bad we just want it all to END.

I know.

But we cannot let them win. We HAVE to live for the marshmallow clouds watching over us and for the itchy dewy grasses and for the snow we have not yet felt melt upon our faces and for endless more years of annoying buttercream streaks painted on our birthday cheeks and for the subtle things that are waiting for us to discover just how deep they are for the gentle breezes on scorching summer days and for the mountains that we will overcome and for the broken hearts that will lead us to true love and for the memories of  double rainbows and for the questions and the answers and for the successes and the failures and for the smell of freshly baked vanilla cakes and for the star-drunken nights and the lost and found dreams and for our children and most importantly, for tomorrow-selves.

Choose LIFE, because life CHOSE you. Don’t give up on it. So MANY of us understand. Try US.


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