Deep Rants, In Which I List The Things, Lifestyle Rants, Soul-Searching Rants


To be honest? If you can’t be an adult and handle a list of brutally honest opinions or “truths”, then don’t even bother reading. And if you’re going to find the instant need to defend your own perception of each of MY honest opinions… well don’t. Write your own blog post and speak your own mind. And also please know that I just don’t care. I’m vomiting chunks of my mind onto my blog and I don’t need anyone trying to clean up my messes. Cool? Great.

So. To be honest…

  • I don’t want to fucking wear black to represent women uniting, “finally” standing up for themselves, or finally speaking up, or whatever. I also don’t want to wear pink to represent breast cancer awareness; Or red for AIDS awareness; or purple for suicide awareness; or rainbow for gay-pride awareness; or puzzles for autism awareness; or green for leprechaun awareness. It doesn’t mean I don’t care. It just means I refuse to follow these stupid bandwagon trends. The color of my shirt will NEVER find cures or stop sexual harassment or help leprechauns grow any taller. WHO started this nonsense? Is there really any actual “unity” just because ya’ll decided to wear black?! Oh fucking please. Sit down. Shut up. And don’t tell me what to wear. You don’t own me.

  • Don’t lie to yourselves. Only people directly affected by- or people who are somehow related to someone directly affected by- the shameful things that happen in this world give a damn. And I mean like genuinely give a damn even after you subtract the trending tweets, hip memes, and with-it hashtags from the equation. It’s all about the likes and the reposts and the attention with people these days. It’s all a facade. People are sadly….opportunistic, attention-hungry douchebags who “support” whatever is popular to support for the day. Seriously, it’s no wonder I’m antisocial. #AntisocialLivesMatter #LetsAllWearNOTHING #phukyotrends
  • I do not CAREEEE who the President is. Like, ever. I don’t give a shit if it’s Kevin Hart, Oprah, Ben Stiller, or a fucking lesbian transvestite half-donkey from Portland who wears crop-tops and collects bobby pins for fun. I. DONT. CARE if and when it’s discovered that the President is human and gets a blow-job; or if the President listens to Lil Wayne and eats pink cotton-candy while rollerblading in speedos during his spare time. Seriously- I don’t fucking care. Just get the job done and make America real again. Fuck GREAT. How fake are we?! REAL. We need REAL. If ya’ll want an error-proof thing running this country you better start whipping it up in a lab.
  • If I had the opportunity to LEAVE the city of Miami, I would do so in a heartbeat. I’m so sick of this shit. I’m over it. I’m sick of the traffic, the nasty people, the anxiety-attack-inducing food courts in the mall, the Walmart mayhem, the endless commutes to work and back, the bipolar weather-tantrums where one day Mother Nature is all sunny and blue skies and all “I woke up like this” with a fresh iced latte on deck and her mascara on point and then the next she’s a raging hormonal fucking psycho-bitch seeking reckless revenge on her cheating boyfriend who just referred to her as his “side-bitch” when all along she was convinced she was his main-bitch and now she’s just a puddled, muddy-grassed, slippery-street, accident-causing, depressed AF wet mess ruining lives. Just UGH!
  • There are certain things in life that don’t make any kind of sense to me. Decaf coffee for instance (whattt??!). Limits on credit-cards. Credit scores- as if the quality of my entire time spent on this earth and my access to heaven will end up being based on my credit score. Judgement day will require an Equifax report. Also, CVS and Walgreens literally across the street from each other. Can’t we all just agree to disagree and stick to different sides of town?! I mean I always feel so torn. I just need fucking shampoo. Why do I have to choose?! Why are you stressing me out?! Also? People who follow you around in boutiques and do not let you LIVE. I feel like I stole something and already got caught even though I would never do such a thing. Except that one time moving on. What about restrooms that don’t have sound-proof doors and walls? I’m sitting here in the lunch room at my job, literally listening to the peaceful, melodic sounds of a doctor’s urine as it lands in a toilet a few feet away. Literally. Can we get a radio installed or something up in this bitch?! Gross.

  • I question “perfect” couples. If you haven’t been through hell and back, then it’s still not “official”. Don’t even play. Relationships- REAL ones, are far from instagram-perfect. I love my fiancรฉ. He’s my high school sweetheart. But we are both human and we have both made mistakes. I was once chased down by cops and a helicopter because he made me lose my fucking mind to the point of almost-prison/mental institution time. And I’ve thrown his clothes in mud. And we’ve separated before. And I’ve threatened his life while he sleeps and tried to get him to sleep-confess shit a countless number of times. We play-fight so hard sometimes it either ends in sex or not speaking to each other at all for a few days because I’m still angry AF about my thigh-bruise. We disagree on our parenting techniques and I go on strike whenever I’m ASKED to cook or do laundry or any kind of labor because you don’t own me, asshole. But I’m going to marry him because he drives me crazy, and I don’t deal well with boring, predictable situations. And because it’s not fake. Because he’s my best friend and I accept his flaws as he does mines. You can think whatever you want, but I say- to each his own. So fuck you, Barbie and Ken wanna-be’s.
  • There are things we just can’t force in life. We can’t force love, or longevity, or acceptance, or compassion. We also can’t force friendship. Especially in the workplace. We can’t request or demand people to “like” one another. We can’t force people to mingle if they don’t fucking want to. Keeping it professional is one thing, but making it mandatory to be someone’s buddy- well? You got me fucked up Susan. I mean do you know what happens when you try to force excessive pressure into or onto something? It explodes. Or cracks. Or breaks. Not pretty. I’m telling you.

I think I’m done here for now. I’m sure I’ve managed to push enough red shiny buttons that are labeled “DO NOT PUSH” .

SPEAKING UP is apparently the cool thing to do right now but I’ve doing this since before it became hip and Kardashian-worthy so whatever.

What are some your truths or honest opinions about anything right now?! Take the mic and stand at the podium of life and make it your bitch. “TIME’S UP”. (See?! I can support shit without color-coded clothing to make a point.)

30 thoughts on “TBH?”

  1. In our town, Jupiter fl Walgreen and CVS have some driveway! They are literally next to each other Jupiter has 54000 residents we have 5 Walgreens as many CVS s several none franchised drug stores, Winn-Dixie, Publix, Walmart all have drugstores thank god we ran out of room before Target tried to come in .also thank god, KMart went out of business, who swallows all them pills ? Lol love your posts

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    1. LOL this is awesome. I’m glad I’m not alone in this ridiculousness! We still have Kmart here in Miami!!! I’m not sure WHY but it’s here in a few locations! Thanks for reading!!


      1. Haha I think you will like this and you should stick your nose into dating sites and make mincemeat out of them . I am 71 yrs old and on several dating sites . Lol . Today was pretty bad . They hit on me because I am older and think I am desperate which I am not . I have away of dressing myself to look like I have money . I don’t have any money just enough to take care of myself . So you might say what in hell is a 71 yr old doing on dating sites ? Simple , I don’t look my age , dont act it , am slim and are a nice looking woman .
        Today I was asked to send an airplane ticket from Houston tx to Orlando his mom on her deathbed .Lol I was ask to send 4 – $100 Amazon E cards by a nother one . He says he needs the money for gas to come and see me and I would be taken good care of !
        The third one says he is in Kuwait and having trouble with his phone , could I go to either VERIZONE or AT& T. To buy the cheapest phone I could find and we would discuss later how to get it to him . I know about that scam already . A woman would go buy a cheap phone and as soon as she notify the Scammer he would go and buy 2 expensive I phones on her account and sell them on the black net and she would never hear from him again . Looking into this scamming bit I found women actually fall for this crap , the ate usually old ,fat and ugly ! It is all over Utube some of them have send money to these guys in the thousands one send $25 000 lol . Scammers usually have fake pics of good looking white guys who’s pics were stolen and for sale on the black net . A 100 000 scammers work at this out of Ghana alone that does n’t count the females that scam the men . I am having a ball with these guys making them think I belief what they say .I tell every single one that I will do what they ask but I need time to get the money together haha and when I had enough I block them on the site and report them to the site .But the sites don’t do nothing scammer s are good longtime customers . I would love to send you a pics of me but don’t see the little camera that is usually on the left side of the type writer ?Bend your ear long enough have a pleasant night Simply Anita

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      2. Lol oh dear!!! Well first of all- GOOD FOR YOU!!! It’s amazing that you look and feel amazing. That’s very empowering. You should be proud and hope to have this positive attitude when I get to be your age. You seem lovely and so full of life! Don’t ever let go of that!!! I’ve never EVER been on a dating site. You see, I am marrying my childhood sweetheart in JUNE! We have 2 kids together and we’ve been driving each other nuts since we were 15. We are currently headed to 33 years old. I’m glad I’ve never had to deal with dating sites- they seem incredibly complicated and superficial, perhaps??! I personally know someone who was scammed and fooled into sending THOUSANDS of dollars to a man she didn’t know…. all because he convinced her with sweet talk. So incredibly embarrassing. I’m glad you know how to stay clear from those types!


  2. Love this!!!
    Walgreens and CVS on opposing corners is actually a government conspiracy of some sort, I am not the sure what the fuck the conspiracy is I just know in my gut it is there!!!

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  3. SO. My first truth is that sometimes, when I need to relax a little more, or I’m super cold I’ll grab my phone & stand in the shower with the water at my back & read blogs. Tonight, it was yours. I started it in my office as I was shutting down the computer, & I finished in the shower. So, there’s that really odd pice of Myka information FO YOU!
    Next, I loved this. As usual! I love how honest you are. How you say what everyone else is thinking – or, at least, you say it in the same manner they’re thinking all of their own truths. I don’t remember if I agreed with everything you said, but I remember I loved everything you said & that means more. You’re very talented. With words (and apparently with CAKE!!) OK. Now to your points – 1. Yeah, to be honest, when I wear a color or a pattern to represent a certain “cause” I don’t think I’ve ever been asked WHY I’m wearing pink, or black, or red, or puzzles. So, the awareness isn’t spreading. Secondly, how many people who WEAR the colors have donated? Or attended walks, or conventions? I’d bet less than half. DO something productive instead of doing something FOR SHOW. 2. I’m sorry that you don’t like Miami. So many people would love to flock there, I’m sure of it. There is always room for you in Nevada. ๐Ÿ™‚ 3. I am a decaf coffee drinker ๐Ÿ˜ HAH! But everytime I drink it, my anxiety skyrockets. I think I have to give coffee up completely! WAAA! Can we still be friends, PUH-lease?! 4. Hearing men pee. UGH EW. 5. I’m rambling, for sure. This is basically a blog in itself. Miss your “voice” !! .xo.

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    1. Lol!!! I love this! And thank you. I was hoping that people would admit to not agreeing with me
      On everything because otherwise something would be very very wrong am I right?! And I agree. If people want to make a difference, what they wear isn’t gonna make ANYTHING happen. And the decaf thing? LMFAO I LAUGHED OUT LOUD at this. Of course we are still friends! I just personally don’t get it because I’ve never tried it and I just wouldn’t spend money on it so it doesn’t even matter ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ I would feel like I’m being cheated out on a real experience. Like…. a “virtual” rollercoaster ride… or cupcakes without frosting. I don’t know. I’m talking smack now lol. Thanks for always showing love Myka! ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•


  4. I friggin’ love it when you’re on a roll like this.

    My turn, though? Why do people have to turn into complete morons when the weather guy says it might snow in two days?! They all run out to the store and buy up all the milk and bread like it’s never gonna be in stock again! What, you think you’re gonna be stuck in your house for three weeks because the state of Virginia doesn’t have a single snow plow?

    I know… Miami… probably not dealing with the snow much, right? But around this neck of the woods, you’d think they’d announced that a meteor the size of Alaska was about to hit the earth with the panic a little snowfall creates. This isn’t Minnesota. It’s Virginia. There’s a real good chance that whatever snow we get on one day will be gone the next because it’ll probably, randomly, be 65 and sunny.

    Wow… that felt good. I find your rants inspiring ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. HAHAHA!!! ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ hats off
      to you sir! Best comment ever! A rant-response, FINALLY! Yea don’t worry just because there’s no snow here doesn’t make people any less pathetic around hurricane season. I’m talking people are LITERALLY purchasing ENTIRE store’s worth of water to the point where now people are in fist fights. Over. Water. And then it’s like OH LOOK THE STORM TURNED AWAY! Now you assholes have water for the next 3 years. Have fun with that. I mean yes we need to prepare but people
      Prepare for an APOCALYPSE over here and then Trump gets VOTED in by the AMERICAN people and then the American people Are all like “we are moving to Canada” lmfaooo shut the fuck up and sit down. You’re not going anywhere lol. Ok that was random
      Sorry. Thanks. And the fact that my rants are inspiring in any way is refreshing because I beat myself up over ranting so often but listen it’s a dirty job that someone has to do right? Lol

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    1. Not at all! The only thing that keeps me here is my stepdaughter. Her mother and my hubby have shared custody. He would rather die to ever leave one of his children behind. She’s only 11. Perhaps when she’s 18 and moving on, he would consider it. My decision to leave this city would have to come hand in hand with a decision to leave the love of my life LOL and then legally, I wouldn’t be able to even take my children that far away from him. So ya see? Family- is the reason. Had our situation been different, I’d be able to convince him to go. No other reason to stay. It’s expensive and uncomfortable. But doing the best I can! ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜Œโค๏ธ

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  5. Oh you’re on a roll. This police chopper chase sounds funnier than it probably was. I just picture you screaming up to it, “THAT BRIGHT SPOTLIGHT IS NOT NECESSARY, IT’S BROAD DAYLIGHT” or something. I’m with you about this whole wearing a specific colour to show your support for something. I mean, it was fine at first but now it’s getting out of control. Not everything we wear needs to be a statement. I still don’t fully understand the whole “don’t wear white after Labour Day” thing. Isn’t EVERY day technically AFTER Labour Day? It’s all so confusing. Thanks for your rant!

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    1. Lol! Yes. Everyday after Labor Day IS “after!” So annoying lol thanks Paul. I’m gonna give the ranting a rest. I feel like the world thinks I’m just a grouch lol! I have positive stuff to say too! Focusing on positive now! It’s just gonna pour out of me I know it lol

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      1. Noo I don’t think people think you’re a grouch. You present your rants with humour, which helps pour the water on the negativity. A truly negative person is just mean spirited without a sense of humour. That being said, I get it! Hit us with some positive or drop a poem on us lol I shocked so many people the first time I posted a poem.

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    Where I used to live, on the big main intersection of the area, we had THIS lovely set up: On one corner, a Walgreens; on the second corner, a shopping center with a CVS and a Vons (which, let’s be real, the crossover between any Safeway-owned grocery store and a CVS is about 95%–they’re basically the same store); on the third corner, a shopping center containing–I SHIT YOU NOT–a Rite-Aid, a Ralph’s (anyone else remember Ralph’s? They’re still out there), and a goddamn Target (that, yes, had a grocery section). The fourth corner was the backside of a residential area, but I’m sure they’d put an Albertson’s and a Wal-Mart there if they could.

    And they all had impressively shitty parking lots.

    So, I totally feel you on that. Some shit just doesn’t make any sense.

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    1. HAAAA! I almost hesitated with that one too lol! I mean come onnnn, who wouldn’t support the leprechauns?! Lol. Seriously, I don’t give a shit either but it all bothers me just enough to say it. Like the extent to which people “give a shit” is the part that baffles me! Ugh

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  7. Haha I was reading this like ‘yeah’, ‘damn right’ and nodding my head so much i thought it might fall off!
    And now I’m imagining you being chased by the police chopper ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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