In Which I List The Things, Witty Rants

101 Things That Make My Soul Sparkle

So here’s the thing.  

Paul stole borrowed this thing about a list of 101 liked and disliked things from someone who stole the thing from someone else and then everyone started stealing the thing from Paul because the thing is like, super fun and quick to read and relate to or disagree with and for sure, you’ll smile about all of the things. The very first founders of the 101-things-lists titled this thing “101 Things That Make Me Happy”. Then Paul, being the realist that he is, changed the thing  to “101 Things I like” because he couldn’t genuinely claim that 101 of those things made him “happy”. Valid point. And now I’m changing it to “101 Things That Make My Soul Sparkle” because I’m a drama queen. And when I like something, I typically obsess over it and make it a huge thing and somehow connect it to my “soul” even though it’s a super small, usually stupid thing.

Ok. I just made myself dizzy. I may have overdone it with the whole, “thing” thing. So here is my list of all of the 101 soul-sparkling things!

  1. Succulents and desert flowers. I surround myself with them. I can’t get enough.
  2. The way we misuse the term “Hustle” but it’s so beautiful and motivational. Especially in a really curvy bold font and across a coffee mug. Ugh! 🙂
  3. Mud. Mudding. ATV’s. Swamp buggies. Mud Festivals in Florida. Off-roading.
  4. Foxes. (surprise!!!) fun fact: a female fox is called a vixen. You’re welcome.
  5. The smell of the pages in an old paperback book
  6. Displaying all of my books neatly on shelves and just marveling at them
  7. Salt water fish aquariums. Therapeutic and just beautiful to own.
  8. Nikki Minaj and Rihanna. Powerhouse females who don’t give a fuck.
  9. HALLOWEEN (you need to know what a badass I am on Halloween) and also THE FALL and all of OCTOBER because it’s my birthday month!
  10. The Opal. It’s my birth stone, but it’s also my favorite one of all either way
  11. Horoscopes
  12. My souped-up Jeep and how my rims/tires are the size of half my body (heart eyes)
  13. Mood-setting-music. Example: Before He Cheats (Carrie Underwood), Like a Boy (Ciara), Not Gon’ Cry (Mary J Blige)= relationshit picker-uppers.
  14. 80’s Freestyle Music (man, this stuff makes me legit smile)
  15. Smash cake photo sessions (both for kids and adults- I WANT ONE this year, lol!)
  17. Gingerale + Black Label. (yes. I am a whiskey type of girl)
  18. PINEAPPLES & FLAMINGOS, together. Decoratively. Dying.
  19. When the baristas at Starbucks KNOW my name and use it to greet me when I walk in. Like, I’m such a boss.
  20. The emoji of the girl with the hand over her face? All me. Every damn day.
  21. Exclamation points!!!!!!!, bold, italics, underlinesstrikethroughs and CAPS.
  22. Rebel Wilson, Chelsea Handler, Melissa McCarthy, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Amy Schumer, Leslie Mann
  23. Vince Vaughn, Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson
  25. The cosmos, black holes, galaxies, superstrings, parallel universes, other dimensions, super novas, and life on other planets (Currently reading: The Elegant Universe)
  26. SUNGLASSES-aka- Hater Blockers.
  27. Killing really mean people with kindness and my banging personality and getting them to love me forever after I’m done (this is related to my patients at work)
  28. Singing. REALLY singing. Out loud. Never in front of people
  29. Listening to my very white brother rap- he’s a lyricist. So good.
  30. Translating popular hip-hop songs into Spanish raps
  31. Telling my aunt, “‘Let’s have a dance battle!” and then watching her break dance
  32. Waking up in the *middle of the night* to write down an idea or a dream
  33. Hot showers in the morning
  34. My job in vascular surgery
  35. Getting to wear scrubs every single day. NO STRESS. NO extra shopping.
  36. Long drives with JUST Pandora on deck and no rush to get anywhere
  37. black leggings/yoga pants (not the see through kind)
  38. A shopping center with a Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Michaels, Party City, Starbucks, Dollar Tree all at once. I’m never leaving.
  39. AMAZON Prime baby!
  40. Etsy. Because when I need something unique
  41. Clean kitchen cabinets
  42. Body splashes. All of them.
  43. Really BIG shaggy carpets that say “sit on me and watch TV, I’m so comfy!”
  44. REALLY fantastic mascara and black eyeliner that does NOT smudge. (My eyes are like my best feature ok?)
  45. Authentic Mexican restaurants where the owner is the waiter and the cooks are his son and cousins and yes, they’re Mexican.
  46. Stormy days/really loud thunder/the howling of winds (I guess I love hurricanes?!)
  47. Game of Thrones.
  48. Movies based on true stories. Faves? The Blind Side. The Wolf of Wall Street. A League of Their Own
  49. Shameless (I just finished the 7th season and I feel so lost in this world now)
  50. Laughing to radio talk show segments in the morning by myself in my car and noticing when people notice me laughing and then they smile when I notice they noticed me.
  51. The smell of tanning lotion and ocean water
  52. When the clock says it’s 11:11 and I make a wish (always. since I was a kid)
  53. Music that is so loud I can’t hear myself think
  54. Making insanely intricate shapes out of clouds like oh. That’s easy. That’s the molecular formula for a caramel latte. Pfffttt. That all you GOT, sky? 
  55. Cleaning deep inside of my ears (this and 53 are why I have a hearing problem)
  56. Dark/dim bars/restaurants with really laid back, chill vibes
  57. Freezing cold AC at night and oversized comforters
  58. Oversized t-shirts and mega long fluffy socks on lazy days
  59. Really really short fingernails
  60. Wearing tiny matching stud earrings in all 9 of my ear piercings
  61. Fruit loops *with* Marshmallows ONLY
  62. Bananas. Everything Bananas.
  63. Coconut flavored frozen yogurt with coconut flakes on top
  64. Showing off my cake skills to little kids. Like my x-box cake with the actual power button that lights up in green? GETS THEM EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  65. Rose Gold jewelry
  66. Organizing my clothes by COLOR and then just standing there, loving myself.
  67. People who share my music interests and GET how quickly I can go from DMX to to Linkin Park to Boyz II Men to Ashanti to Phil Collins to Toni Braxton to Jack Johnson (Have you HEARD Better Together or Banana Pancakes?!)
  68. Meeting people who “write” and then we can’t stop talking about how no one writes anymore, lol.
  69. Making people genuinely laugh out loud. I feel like that’s my purpose sometimes.
  70. Bear hugs (not from strangers)
  71. chips with dips. Dips of all types! Bring em all. Bring em NOW.
  72. When I draw someone’s blood and they’re like WOW! I didn’t even feel that! I know.
  73. The rare times I hear the hooting of an owl at night. Magical.
  74. Pools > Beaches
  75. Unexpected, last minute plans
  76. Chapsticks and lip balms. Never enough.
  77. Having my hair played with. I am willing to pay.
  78. Hoodies with sleeves long enough that I can keep my hands hidden inside of them.
  79. Weddings. Because I still dream of having one some day.
  80. The Notebook. OVER and and OVER and OVER again
  81. Donkey Kong. Mortal Kombat. 007 Golden Eye. TETRIS.
  82. Really really intimate late-night conversations
  83. That game when you have to find or do random stuff and then be the first to run up to the person who says BRING ME “whatever” or be the first to “whatever”-  because I always win.
  84. Hei-Hei from Moana. and just everything Moana
  85. Fireworks. I can never get enough fireworks. There’s nothing more romantic to me.
  86. Horror/suspense movies (My Fave= Insidious 1-3, All 76 SAW movies; The Purge(s)….
  87. Rollerblading
  88. Rollercoasters
  89. That FEELING of “home” that I get when I walk into a Barnes & Noble
  90. Leather journals with the strings to tie them up with? Yea.
  91. I did NOT choose the blush-pink-really-soft-shirt life. It chose ME.
  92. My “I lost my voice” voice. I want that voice permanently (my SON has this raspy little voice and it is SO SEXY I want to BITE him whenever he speaks to me!)
  93. Snap chat filters. Judge me. Do it.
  94. Teaching my daughter how to love “old school”  things like diaries,N’Sync, and keeping boxes full of memories.
  96. Going to theme parks and fairs on “cold” days
  97. Dancing “passionately” when no one is watching
  98. The irony of a butterfly’s life from start to finish
  99. Geometric. House decor, tattoos, everything.
  100. Reading through urban
  101. Writing lists about myself (eek)

I just realized my list does NOT consist of 1 worded things. At all. 😳😁

You can’t expect that from me. You need to be more realistic when it comes to what you get from me right? Anyways, this was so much fun. Tune in for my 101 Things That Burden My Soul!

101 Hugs,


19 thoughts on “101 Things That Make My Soul Sparkle”

  1. Excellent post. I hope it made your day happy, thinking of so many soul-sparkle things!

    The only one I disagree with is Pools > Beaches. I mean pools are nice, but the chlorine makes my skin itch. Even though sand gets everywhere, I’d like beaches better every time.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes I know! and when trying to buy cute things like bags or home decor, it’s always something like an elephant or an owl. Hardly ever a hippo. My parents found me this awesome dish that’s a hippo though, I used to put my rings in it but now I’ve moved my whole jewelry box so it’s basically just decoration in my room now haha

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m just going to do rapid fire comments:
    – The smell of an old paperback book is great. Whenever they handed them out in high school I’d take a whiff
    – I’m not a fan of Halloween but I like Fall and October
    – I have dark sunglasses that you can’t see through. It allows me to close my eyes and rest without people noticing lol
    – Don’t think I’ve ever had fruit loops…
    – 101 things that burden my soul lolol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🤓😁 did you ever see Big Daddy? I couldn’t fit Adam Sandler in there or maybe I should’ve added him to the list of male actors anyways how the little kid feels invisible with his glasses? That is me!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sadly I haven’t seen the movie but I’m picturing that kid with the glasses in Home Alone who gets caught between the chair and the wall when someone backs up their chair at the table when they’re eating pizza. Yeah?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Lol! Yes this one I know. I’m a Home Alone fan. I’m starting to think you only watch movies if there’s pizza involved. Not a ninja turtles fan?!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. How do you know so much about me? I have been to the movies since they took out the Pizza Hut at the concessions (5 years). Nah never saw ninja turtles.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. LOL turns out I know 101 things. PLUS my own list I’ve cooked up in your kitchen- I’ve been sneaking around! Lol and The ninja turtles are obsessed with pizza. Just FYI. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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