Witty Rants

Cheers To Us “In Between” Girls…

Good morning humans.

I’d like to share a fellow Miami blogger and friend that I’ve known since high school. Effective immediately, I need all to follow, love, and know her!

She’s a stunning human, and we have so much in common sometimes that it’s scary and I’ve labeled her my “soul-twin”. She’s raw, hardcore, funny as hell, relatable, and MUCH quicker to make her point than I ever will be! I’m so proud of you! You’re amazing and I hope you never stop writing again! Also, I have a whole like 67-ish followers girl I am ALMOST blog-famous so get READY to be SLAMMED with fans! 😆

Journey In My 30s

Y’all know what I mean by the “in between” girls right?…no?! Oh my Jesus Lordt…

Ok, I’ll use myself as an example. I’m by no means considered skinny, but at the same time I’m not really Plus size either. I’m right at the cusp fuck you BMI calculator! I refuse to believe I am obese.

So where do I fall?! I work in a retail store which I will not name because of the amount of shit I talk about that place…I mean I hate my job but momma got bills to pay. Feel me? that by no means runs true to size.I’m a size 28 in some jeans, a 30 in others, and in another style a size 30 won’t even go up my thighs…yet I know I can’t fit into the smallest Plus size jeans, those are huge on me. So where the fuck do I fall?! Which…

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