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Playing With Fire

It’s 2017. While some moms or dads have the opportunity to stay home and raise the kids while their partner runs around the corporate world like the Headless Horseman on crack- it’s more common that both parents are out there hustling day and night trying to make ends meet for eachother and their beloved spoiled-as-FUCK offspring. But lately I’m kind of just over it.  I’m over this struggle to balance love and money. The realization that money controls everything in my life including the vitality of my relationship is fucking beyond me.Now. Without disclosing TMI about my financial bullshit, I will say that we both work (2 jobs) and we maintaining a pretty expensive lifestyle (by choice). And please don’t confuse expensive with lavish. Miami, is an UNAFFORDABLE city to live in, even for the higher spectrum of earners. I’d consider ourselves, middle-to-borderline-lower class in this country SO just wanted to clear that up. Now, the way this economy is set up (to fuck us) we’ve decided that the best way to handle it is by splitting everything 50/50. I mean sure. Seems legit from an outside perspective right?

But when I say everything. I. MEAN. EVER-Y-FUCKEN-THING…

Groceries, mortagage, electric, water, toothpaste, hair gel, lint-rollers, cleaning supplies, car insurances,  after school, bus, school pictures, clothes…the works. We also split family vacations, birthday parties expenses, holiday expenses and :::sigh::: even date nights. And THAT humans, is the part that gnaws at me the most and tips over the edge. I mean where the fuck is the romance dude?! Am I being anal here? Am I honestly being ridiculous to find it SO disrespectful to ask me to pay half of our fucking date-night dinner and a movie ordeal? I mean really!?

I suppose you can say I have an old soul when it comes to love and relationships. I like to fight for love, I will go to war for the people that I love. I refuse to give up or “throw it away” without wasting all of my efforts trying everything humanly possible to fix it. I expect the “princess” type of attention (I admit it) and I expect some form of not-awkward-corny-kinda-chivalry. Does that make any sense? Or am I really just talking shit?

I mean, sometimes it feels as if the romance is lost within the financial rubble. What’s wrong with wanting all my shit paid for once in a while? It’s NOT like I’m not contributing. It’s NOT like I’m sitting on my ass all day on a throne being fanned and fed grapes tacos by slaves. I think EVERY woman deserves to be treated like she’s the last thing on Earth every now and again. Yet here we are again at Samurai splitting bills and me being a bitch about it and then he’s probably not getting laid anyways because I have to prove a point so there goes date night. Hypothetically speaking you know?   But just like THAT- money changes the fucking game. SOFA KING STUPID!

Can someone please enlighten me? How and when did peace and harmony and love grow dependent of a financial situation. When our finances are off track- so are we. We’re on completely different pages. We’re at each other’s throats over the tiniest of things. Just everything is off. The connection is gone. Our sex life changes. It’s like my relationship is literally moving on an up and down scale in parallel to our bank accounts.

Is it NOT fucking insane?! What life has come to? How money has undoubtedly consumed our damn souls? You can’t even appreciate nature anymore for free! It takes a fucking road trip to get a nice outdoor experience in Florida and road trips cost money! Even the free things in life have evolved into a luxury. Nothing in life is free anymore. DYING isn’t even free for fox sake! Have you even NOTICED how expensive funerals are? Like OK I guess just burn me then? Oh wait… THAT costs money too?! A fucking FIRE? A natural occurrence in nature that a boy scout can create? Well fuck me!

Am I alone here?!

Unapologetically Yours, 



7 thoughts on “Playing With Fire”

  1. I hate the concept of money. One one end of the spectrum, you have rich famous celebrities who have millions of dollars because they were born into a certain family and on the other end you have homeless people who weren’t as genetically fortunate and just want $5 for dinner. And everyone in between is handcuffed trying to do what they love while getting paid for it. If you think about it, our entire life is spent trying to make money. Why couldn’t we live in a money-less society where people did things for the greater good. Just make everything free and let people work anywhere they want to work as long as they’re qualified (which they would be because college would be free). Ugh.

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  2. My fiance makes double what I make, so we agree that he pays for most and I pay what I can. I like to treat him every once in a while with dinner or something fun ’cause I still like the feeling of being that independent woman. It’s been a nice change from my ex where everything was 50/50 except it wasn’t. Any money he made that he deemed ‘extra’ would end up in his ‘motorcycle fund.’ You know what happened to that motorcycle fund…? He blew it all on booze when I refused to let him back in my life after he broke up with me.

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    1. Ah. There’s a motorcycle fund in my house too. And a muscle car fund. And other motorcycle project funds. Money which gets put into unnecessary things that I can’t question because it is not my money. Except my money is his… because I pay half of EVERYTHING that is a necessity. Oh dear. It’s so awful, truly. Not working anymore.

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  3. My boyfriend and I do the EXACT.SAME.THING with finances, but it has always been that way. 100% fair, split down the middle. Sometimes I love it, because I know that we are equal partners, but sometimes I wish I was a 1940s housewife! I totally get this rant!

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