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Fearless and Fabulous

Fun fact: I am a geek who is obsessed with books! Above all, I am addicted to inspirational, humorous, sassy, real life type of books and I am so glad I ordered this little gem on Amazon!

Cara is a self-made life coaching piece of human sass who started as just the blogger behind and literally built a neon pink fucking blinged out empire from it from the ground up. And who is righteously a boss bitch. And when I say “boss bitch” I actually mean “hustled her ass off for something she believed in with all of her soul until she realized it, owned it, and ruled the shit out of it and now she’s an idol to millions of women/gay men/overly developed pre-teens who have no business reading her books because they aren’t ready for that kind of attitude in their reading and if your pre teen is even reading a self-help book—you know what, I don’t have a pre-teen in that situation and I’m not a therapist so fuck it.

BUT Cara. Love this chick. She is a fierce and fabulous believer of all things “The Universe” and has created this short read as a tool for us self-created entrepreneurs/dream chasers/nocturnal hustlers/aspiring badass fierce and fabulous humans to get our shit together, get our minds settled in a place of absolute persistent belief, and make “IT” happen. No matter WHAT that “IT” may be.

Now. If you have already read The Secret, then you already get it. What Cara has done is takenThe Secret, shortened it, added a pinch of humor, sprinkled the shit out of it with glitter, hot glued diamonds onto it, added spunk to it by using language we can relate to in the actual world like “let go of the bullshit”, wrapped it up in badass wrapping paper from Target and placed in on our night stands alongside a glass of Rosè.

Honestly though, When you understand what it means to believe in your vision, no matter how pathetic or irrational it may seem to those comfort-zone-zombies… and when you learn to comprehend that the Universe is an immeasurable sponge that soaks in whatever energy and thought-process you CHOOSE to emit… it is then and only then that you can fathom that seriously, no like, seriously…anything is fucking possible. That there is no dream to wild. There is no hope to far from reach. There is no such thing as impossible.

Once you genuinely believe in what it is that you want from this one life you have been granted and that you WILL have it, all of it- my friend there is nothing that can break you. This sassy little book is a reminder to stay true to ourselves and to never stop believing in our vision and having faith in our Universe. I LOVED IT. And I recommend it to anyone out there chasing their dreams with an open mind and a throbbing heart. ♡

Thanks Cara!!!! You da bomb girl.


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